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Barcode Why

In english bar / line in the sense used bar and code your words derivation with emerge coming out barcode term devices able to read possible the one which… a sort is language .

Mostly rectangle shaped created in parallel positioned thin , thick rods between from the gaps formed your symbols the whole barcode shaped is defined . barcode , information rod and rods between from the gaps occur incoming symbols with by coding and optical your readers use of with virtual to the environment transferring thanks to used .

new technology barcode app a care data technological aspect is coding . barcodes coded information to be reached providing Search are hundreds . barcodes weighted aspect use he found fields shopping environments . Product of their packaging over positioned barcodes optical reader featured devices with data to the base transmitted information , product for the price to be reached provides .

In our country especially in recent years barcode and Auto ED (Automatic Identification) systems use of increasingly has become widespread . Automatic Describing aspect opposite Auto Identification data that finds various methods with identity definition and defined identity of your data seamless and fast a way electronic to the environment to be transferred providing of systems general a is the definition of . Automatic Identification systems the following to sort possible .

Barcode why and barcode types ,

  • MICR ( Magnetic with ink Written of your characters recognition ),
  • OCR ( Optical by method of your characters Recognition ), RF/ID ( Radio waves with recognition ),
  • RF/DC ( Radio waves with Data Communication ), Artificial Vision detection ),
  • Voice Recognition with detection ),

System Integration .

Automatic Identification systems in our country and most common in the world way use finder barcode are applications Moreover barcode either in other with the use of Line Code daily in our lives often of products on before us coming out black rod and white from the gaps formed format describing is name . Barcode systems alternative to applications by lots more     easy and cheap produced to be and mistake don’t do that your share to a minimum is reducing .

Technology in terms of barcode technologies history to the 1950s until is going . Borcode system the one which… requirement , railway with shipment made goods and vehicles shipment during fast to control heard out of need born . Barcode systems The first study in the field of R&D a railway company has carried out . First solution in this field if Sylviana named a from the establishment has arrived .

Sylviana of the firm produced by system this today’s Optical by methods Character Recognition technology . More then Computer Identics in 1968 corporation firm this system develop for   to the studies started and state at the ready used your lines more     simple to be and all kinds to the surface able to be printed on has stopped . this idea today used modern barcode of applications the foundation has created .

Barcode Why and of technology General Use areas

Automatic Describing and Data Collection applications aspect described of technologies daily most in our lives . before us output barcode are systems .

Barcode systems widespread use their fields the following as to sort possible ; Supermarkets : Basic consumption of their products over positioned barcode lines through to the crates by introducing prices and stock their status read during mother to the computer can be processed .

This beside of products over positioned a other OT/VT technology Radio Frequency Tags with of thefts is also prevented .

Factories : Factories of employees shift of your hours control , overtime hours , permits and these in calculations use at the end fee detection computer through with can be made barcode systems with easily can be done . With this together the building different in their place positioned barcode of labels control security as well to their systems helper happens .

Sales Automation : Safe of the officers in their hands reader devices with sale carried out product to the computer to introduce and printer with to be billed in barcode systems with is carried out .

Luggage and Traveller Tracking : Barcode new use of the fields in aeroplane to your tickets placed barcodes reader devices with recognition and to luggage barcode gluing with general follow-up applications is carried out .

Highways : On highways to vehicles placed labels automatic aspect by reading fee vehicle owner bank from your account is being drawn . This system before paid your roads at their exit established counter points to history he buried it.

created counter at points cash fee allocation to be done Reason with long vehicle tails occur , necessary security not available leakage your transitions tracking could not be done .

Today used vehicle tags thanks to motorway tolls last all Vehicles to their classes and they use path to their length by automatic aspect is charged . Vehicle in the passage fee allocation is done . Bridge and on highways used HGS ( Fast Transition Systems ) this is the best is an example . This system with at the box office pause eliminate the process get up Reason with vehicle transitions lots more     fast happening and this thereby traffic a quantity it relaxes .

Barcode Varieties

EAN/UPC (European Article Numbering / Uniform Products Code): Predominant aspect in markets , pharmacies used collective consumption products into positioned a coding system .

from the European Article Numbering in understandable about to in Europe manufacturers uses a is the system . If the Uniform Products Code same of the system in America producers by is used

Interleaved 2/5: Weighted aspect industrial environments movement follow-up to make desired to products identity describing used . This coding system with Only numerical aspect encode process do it known .

Code 39: This system with numerical and alphanumeric your characters coding process carried out known . Code 39 systems production on the line to be applicable outside a in library your books and your members in coding in usable will be known a is the system .

codabar General aspect aspect health in the field use finds . codebar coding system with Only numerical your characters coding do it known .

Code 128: Numeric and alphanumeric your characters code 128 system where it can be encoded general aspect industrial in the fields use finds .

PDF 417: Automatic Describing technologies expanding global use fields and increasingly of the importance increase , more it is reliable .

More hidden and more     lots information able to store coding to their applications the one which… your requirement to be met over in progress the one which… your studies barcode most advanced in the field is one of the examples .

PDF 417 system lots small a to the field about 2000 pieces numeric and alpha numeric character can code .

Barcode of your system Benefits

Today barcode system many in the field use finds . Barcode 4 of the most basic benefits of the system to mention possible . These are ; accuracy , speed , cost and use is ease .

accuracy ; processed data and clear information to be reached provides . In this way user your mistakes away removes . Each other lots similar products either in each other similar to codes owner of products of mixing before is passed .

Speed : Fast data your entry do it to be known two different advantage there are . reach wanted data , classic by ways will gather give your data lots above a quickly and clearly _ get together known . Obtained clear information , electronic in the environment decoding and processing process lots it is fast .

Cost : Clarity increase and give your data coding of the process fast to be thanks to human sources cost down is being drawn .

Use ease ; Barcode reader devices , browsers and like of products It is easy to use . Virtual to the environment connecting and processing increasingly it’s easy and barcode system with precise , detailed , fast data get together known . For this purpose barcode system of manufacturers , distributors , wholesalers and retailers in terms of of the benefits evaluation below titles in case of made .

Use to provide for the purpose of barcode system of producers in terms of benefits below substances in case of sorted ;

  • of your products stock statuses easy and instantly forehead known .
  • Production control is getting easier .
  • Quality control process tracking is getting easier .
  • Order and production about instantly information by acquiring measures forehead known .
  • Production and warehouse of the costs tracking is getting easier .
  • of shipments TRUE and on time to be done is getting easier .
  • Human resources work burden is getting lighter .
  • your production control under keeping with of products nature is increased .
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